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Bank clerks and businessmen-loan fraudsters  20.05.2016 Kiraca Trajkovska from “Fersped", with the help of bank clerks employed at Komercijalna banka, ...

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The Magyar Telekom affair challenge to the legal practice Print E-mail
31.01.2012 In the period of 2000 and 2006 a small group of former high executives of the Company and it’s subsidiaries in Macedonia authorized spending of about 24 million euro through over 20 suspect consultancy, lobbying and other contracts between the Company and its subsidiaries and Cyprus based consulting company on the other hand. Were this funds indeed transferred to Cyprus shell companies to be fully or partially used to bribe high governmental officers with in the Government of Macedonia, as it is stated in the White & Case final report and document of the USA institutions, that is to be answered by the authorities that may make and audit on the route of the made transactions to their final destination.

 Findings and conclusions based on the evidence available to the internal auditor of the Magyar Telecom and their counsel White & Case, are contained in the Annual Report of activities for the Group of the Makedonski Telecom AD – Skopje for the 2009, as well as the statement that some former employees of Magyar Telecom Plc. deliberately destroyed documents related to the investigation.   
Analysis of the cases "Published listings for the elections" and "Arresting of Ljube Boshkovski" Print E-mail

01.07.2011 Analysis of the cases “Published listings for the elections” and “Arresting of Ljube Boshkovski” on the basis of publicly available information

Are the experiences in the functioning of the legal order in the cases of Zoran Thaler and Helmut Kohl  applicable in the circumstances when it comes to applying a law in the legal practice in the Republic of Macedonia?

Laws exist, institutions as well. In practice there are no cases where that will undoubtly convince the public in the Republic of Macedonia, as well as the international community, in readiness for action and clear withdrawal of the parallels. Or perhaps we should first experience a case like “Ivo Sanader”
As before, the subject of the analyses in the project “Believe it or not” is how the state authorities and institutions work, specifically their treatment when taking measures in the cases which are related with corruption.


Failure to comply with the legislation and the procedures for building memorial landmarks Print E-mail

 pres_07042011.jpg07.04.2011  1.    Motivated by  the interest that the project “Skopje 2014”, and particularly, the building of the memorial monuments or memorial landmarks  has sparked  in the wider public, , the expert team of Transparency International - Macedonia conducted  a legal analysis of the legal framework and the  procedures that were implemented for the selection and the construction of the memorial landmarks within the project “Skopje 2014”.

2.    The analysis of the legal framework and the implemented procedures regarding the building of the monuments within the “Skopje 2014” project has shown  that funds from the Budget of the Republic of Macedonia were illegally spent  on the monuments.


Illegalities in the Financing of Political Parties Print E-mail
 press21012010.jpg21.01.2011 Transparency Zero Corruption on the press conference “Believe it or Not” presented three initiatives, which will be submitted to the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Macedonia. The initiatives are impugning the constitutionality and legality of the Directive for distribution of assets from the Budget of RM for annual financing of political parties, regardless the fact that financing of political parties from the Budget of RM introduced in 2004 has been considered to be an anticorruption measure for decreasing corruption in politics.
After six years, effective control over financing political parties by relevant state bodies has not been established. Namely, political parties do not publish and deliver their financial reports to the State Audit Office in a timely manner and regulation and distribution of budgetary assets is absolutely nontransparent and contrary to the Constitution of RM.
Believe it or not Print E-mail

bornotpress.jpg 17.12.2010 Transparency Zero Corruption has held a press conference to present the anomalies in the fight against corruption titled “Believe it or not”. The events which were presented are based on results of the organization’s performance together with the complaints that were received from the citizens for the situation in the fight against corruption and criminal, as well as the situation with transparency in the society.
TZC believes that the fight against corruption, which is leaded by the competent authorities in the Republic of Macedonia, is increasingly getting the character of a farce, behind which corruption and participants in corrupt activities are hiding.



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